Here is an update as November 2011.

Past Affiliations

The US Peace Corps where I served as Domestic Infrastructure Lead and IT Project Manager in the Office of the Chief Information Officer

QRel, a project advancing a Natural Philosophy of Information that I've been working on intuitively for about five years now, and actively since January 2008.

DC Represent  An effort to get franchise for DC voters in Congress, which we still do not have. If you have a moment, please review it and sign the petition if you can support the proposal. The original full text of the original article that inspired the org is here.  If you are a reporter, please particularly note that I speak out on this issue as a private citizen and Co-Founder of DCRepresent only.  It would be inaccurate to be presented in the press as a spokesman for the Peace Corps on any partisan or political matter including this one--thank you!

Georgetown University, where I support the research of Father Patrick Heelan of the Philosophy department, shepherding his 50 years of research into the Philosophy of Science, Hermeneutics of Quantum Mechanics, Philosophy of Perception, among others, onto the web.

Docspire, a web software startup applying many of the ideas from my research, and my earlier experiences as a technical entrepreneur, to the problem of how to help people and organizations create better knowledge repositories and services. I'm working on this with Maksim Tsvetovat of the GMU Krasnow Institute for Advanced Studies.

Amentra (acquired by RedHat), as a Senior Consultant/Project Manager in 2006-07.  Worked on internal business development, SOW and RFP's, as well as for client Old Mutual.

Through Progressive Informatics, I worked as a consultant, tech lead on the Online Progressive Caucus, now defunct, a startup org begun by Marc Laitin of Wired for Change in 2005-06 and Garret Gruener of powerhouse VC fund Alta Partners.  Prior to that, I did some work with the Fund for Public Interest Research, as a database security consultant in 2005.

Grassroots Campaigns, in '04 the fastest growing startup I've ever been a part of -- from 2 employees on January 2 to over 2500 by July 2 of 2004. Started out opening up the Morristown office as Canvass Director, moved around, eventually spent the summer/fall in Boston as Assistant to the CFO, working on finance, HR, operations and eventually technical strategy for the campaign.  Clients were MoveOn and the DNC., in 2001-03, now defunct, a startup I founded that used a distributed network approach to locating pirated music on Gnutella and performing digital fingerprint comparison algorithm using a scanning Hanning window Gaussian., in 2000-01, as a technology strategy consultancy I founded in New York in 99-00. My biggest client was The Options Group, a worldwide financial services headhunting firm, which had me develop its enterprise architecture and e-business plans, as well as lead implementation of the first phase of their solutions in this area. I also advised and helped develop startups, an early web video startup, with Srinivas Krishna, BFI-award-winning creator of Masala, who is still doing amazing things at his production company, Divani Films. Also, other clients were, a b2b web marketplace for TV ads, and, an early web-video ad-serving engine. /, in 1999-2000 which I co-founded and was funded by Atlas, Bertelsman, and Bonaventure to the tune of $40M. It was the first company to ever have all the major labels signed up to do internet-based distribution of music.  We developed a smooth transition path from CDs to MP3s by having CDs act as certificates of digital ownership, much as they do for software. We did some very cool stuff technically in mid-99 with Muze, developing music-database-driven, e-commerce-backed Flash to demo the concept & raise the funds.  Overall, it was a real learning experience in people and money management., in 1998-2000, where I was Director of E-Commerce Development. We succeeded in creating a really cool web-based music membership club that offered audiophiles wholesale prices. But we did not succeed in making it profitable. Looking back, if we were more customer- and bottom-line focused, we could have made it work.

Interworld, in 1998, as a Software Engineer in the Field Tech group, one of the first starups offering enterprise business-to-consumer software platforms, based in New York. By the time I got there, it had already been through 5 rounds of funding, and it seemed like the product vision was veering off course.  I left pretty quickly, after just 6 months.

Top Wave, my first startup in 1996-97, in McLean, VA, with Fabian Lopez, an Internet services consultancy. We were kids; we had no real idea what we were doing starting a business, but I coded my tail off, taught myself HTML, Javascript, Java, Internet Protocol, DNS, and had a great time of it.

George Mason University's Center for Quantum Studies, supported Director Jeff Tollaksen in inaugurating the Center and the Aharanov Lecture Series from 2006-2008. Jeff, Yakir, and the center moved to Chapman University in Orange County, California, in the summer of 2008.
Princeton Dept of Philosophy. Fall of 2005, I took the seminar on Quantum Information Theory & Quantum Computing, led by Bas Van Franssen and Hans Halvorson, with the support of Frank Arntzenius (now at Oxford) at Rutgers.
Rutgers Dept of Computer Science. Summer 2002-Spring 2004. Earned a Bachelors in Computer Science. I particularly appreciated Eric Allender's Complexity of Computation graduate course in the Fall of 2003.  I served as co-founder and President of Undergraduate Student Alliance of Computer Scientists, which I'm proud to say, after decades of waxing in and out of existence every year or two, has continuously run strong.  I also was very impacted by Barry Loewer's Philosophy of Science course & Edwin Bryant's Bhagavad Gita course, in which we comparatively went through the Gita verse by verse, comparing Prabhupad, Ramanuja, Shankaracharya, Gandhi, and Miller's interpretations and purports.  Enlightening experiences.
Duke, Fall 1993-Spring 1996, majoring in International Comparative Studies. with two terms off in there. I was very involved in campus multiculturalism. It was the heydey of Stanley Fish, and change was in the air--Duke was just shaking off its past as a Southern tobacco-town school, to become part of the Research Triangle, and to transform Durham into the City of Medicine that it has become. I served as a Co-President of CASMU (Comparative Area Studies Majors' Union), Co-President and Political Affairs Chair of Diya, the South Asian-American Association of Duke, as Managing Editor of Open Forum: a monthly opinion paper that focused on longer deepthink pieces, and I even wrote half a dozen pieces that ended up in the Duke Chronicle, some of which, about allowing same-sex unions to be performed the Duke chapel, amazingly are all still available at their site.
TJ The Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, VA, graduate 1993. While there, I was on the Tennis Team, Co-Captain, as well as Science Editor of perennially national-award-winning Threshold literary magazine, where under Carol Lange, I cut my journalistic teeth.  Also, I was an Assistant Editor of Teknos, where I first did layout for scientific papers.  I also co-founded the Creative Future Problem Solving club, which won first place in the Virginia competition, and got me a big silver bowl I still have in my apartment that says "Vikram Chiruvolu: Creative Future Problem Solving Mover and Shaker of the Year 1993".  Cool.
Vikram Surya Chiruvolu,
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