A Natural Philosophy of Information

I am in the process of devoloping a Natural Philosophy of Information, and in constructively engaging relevant scholars, teachers, and students across all disciplines in co-developing its approaches, implications, and predictions across the entire spectrum of disciplines, with the aim of evolving the firmament of thougt for the rapidly evolving global Information Age.
The method is to comparatively assess and synthesize present western Theories of Time, Space, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Biophysics, Systems Biology, Information, Mind, Artificial Intelligence, Congnitive Science, Psychology, Sociology, Art, Health, Governance, Economics, Technology, and Industry, with the foundations and findings and implications of the Eastern frameworks on the same topics, at a personal, metaphysicical, ontological, epistemological, mathematical, scientific, artistic, and social levels.
The primary assertion of this approach is that the essence of the mathematics and physics of this Natural Philosophy of Intelligence is to be found in the fuller development of a Quantum Theory applicable on a macroscopic scale, one which encompasses and more precisely explains the entire range of observables in the known universe.
Physical scientists might consider and dismiss this project as another grand unifying theory, social scientists may see this as another overzealous plan to save the world, and theologians may see it as another assault on dogma. From the conservative perspective of their respective disciplines, they are right to defend them, and I particularly welcome their criticism. 
The present generative stage of this effort is for those who are, in principle and practice, critically but constructively engaging new paradigms, and who would never sacrifice their intellectual or personal commitment to serve the human interest in favor of any narrower interest, especially the group or self-interest inherent in their particular discipline or profession. I say this pointedly to those whose intellectual habit leans toward skepticism of the destructive sort. Creativity is a conscious intention and modality of this work, and I prefer the collaboration of those who believe that practicing it with integrity is the basis of all human progress.
My humble purpose in coming to this effort is simply to help real individual people experience full personal autonomy. By providing a better basis on which those who lead to integrate and advance current perspectives, systems, methods, and actiivity to better serve their particular duty. My faith is that, by centering our pragmatic efforts on the foremost challenges of the present human condition, we will unfailingly draw closer to more useful universal truths.
Those who need our help are abundant -- at the base, as of today, some one-fourth of the human race is projected to never drink a clean cup of water in their lives. That number only grows with the complexity of the good -- a balanced meal, effective shelter, safe transport, fair trade, empowering education, fulfilling contribution, just governance, optimal health, environmental balance, full personal autonomy, and ultimately, the full experience of their human potential as Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

Other Areas of Interest
interest, interaction,information,intelligence,intuition,inspiration, Identity, or Infinity
Evolutionary Biology
Speculations on H.Floriensis Language, Intelligence Creativity, and Sociology
Review and Speculation of H.Floriensis extinction or co-evolution into H.Sapiens through mitochondrial DNA analysis of LB1, LB8 finds
Vanara as Homo Floriensis Ramayana Hanuman as quasihistorical description of H. Floriensis Navigation speed, Bamboo Rafts and Kickboards in Ancient Maritime History in South India
Influence of audience of Gita on its contents -- Arjuna (karma yogi, Warrior), Sanjaya (jnana yogi, Counselor), and Hanuman (bhakta yogi, Servant)
Review and speculation on historical, cultural, geographic, and philosophical divergences in Proto-Indo-European Language Histories Influence of these differences on development of "Western" vs. "Eastern" philosophical contexts
Public Relations
Creating an open-book life 
Creating a 100% transparent organization

Personal Background

I was born in January of 1977 in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. My family emigrated to central New Jersey in late 1978, where I was raised until 1991. We then moved to Northern Virginia, where our family resided until 2000. I resided with my family until 1993, when I moved to Durham, North Carolina, for univeristy for three years until 1996. I moved back with my family in Northern Virginia for two years from late 1996 to early 1998 to work. I then moved to Manhattan for work for three years, until the spring of 2001. I then moved back to New Jersey from 2001-2005, residing with family for one year, then moving to New Brunswick, NJ, for two years, for university. For six months in 2004, I lived in Boston, MA, for work, and in late 2005, I moved to Washington, DC, where I currently reside (as of January 2008). I was a citizen of India until age 14, when I became a naturalized American citizen. I retain Non-Resident Indian status.


Helping Hands Pre-K in Edison, NJ (1979-1981) Rolling Hills Elementary in Metuchen, NJ for Kindergarten and half of grade 1 (81-83) (cannot recall) Elementary in Richland, Washington state for second half of grade 1 (83) Clara Barton Elementary in Fords, NJ for grade 2 (83-84)
PS 11 Ross Street Elementary for grades 3-6 (84-88) supplemental instruction at Avenel Learning Center for Gifted & Talented (84-85) grade 3: full-day Wednesday (85-86) grade 4: half-day Friday (86-88) grade 5-6: two full-days Wednesday & Thursday
Woodbridge Middle School for grade 7 (88-89) one class at Woodbridge High School Fords Middle School in grade 8 (89-90) four classes at JFK High School, in Iselin, NJ
Woodbridge High School for grade 9 (90-91) [skipped grade 10] Thomas Jefferson HS for Science & Technology in Alexandria, VA for grades 11-12 (1991-93) graduated class of 1993 with additional coursework at Northern Virginia Community College and George Mason University
Duke University in Durham, NC for 3 years (1993-1996), no degree
Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ for 3 years (2001-2004), BA in Computer Science graduated class of 04


Champs Sports as Sales Associate, retail sports chain, summer of 1993, Tysons Corner,VA
Dr. Richard Fehon as Lab Assistant, developmental genetics research lab at Duke University, fall 93-spring 94
Independent grant-funded researcher, AIDS Epidemiology in India, summer 94
Open Forum, a Duke University Campus Opinion Journal, Editor, 1994-95
[Duke Diya], The South Asian-American Assocation of Duke University, Political Affairs Chair and Co-President, 94-96
Johnson Information Desk, Associate, Duke University, spring 1995
Kinko's Copy Center, Associate, summer 1995, Durham, NC
Satisfaction Bar & Grill, Waiter, fall 1995-spring 1996, Durham, NC
PieWorks Gourmet Pizza, Waiter, summer 1996, Durham, NC
Northern Virginia Temporaries, Temporary Office Support, fall 1996-spring 1997, Falls Chuch, VA
TopWave Internet Solutions, Co-Founder, spring 1997-spring 1998, McLean, VA
Interworld, Inc., Field Technology Engineer, spring 1998-fall 1998, New York, NY
EveryCD, Inc., Director of E-Commerce Development & CTO, fall 1998-spring 2000, New York, NY, Co-founder, summer 1999, San Francisco, CA, Founder & COO, spring 2000-spring 2001, New York, NY, Consultant to The Options Group,,,
Rutgers University, Network Operations Support, 2002-2004
East Brunswick Tennis Club, Tennis Pro, Fall 2003
Grassroots Campaigns, Canvass Director, then Assistant to CFO, 2004
Saint Claire's Hospital, Counselor, Drug/Alcohol Rehabilitation unit, 2005
Progressive Informatics Service Corp, Founder/Consultant, 2005-present
Amentra Inc (now RedHat), Senior Consultant Fall 2006- Fall 2007
US Peace Corps, Office of the Chief Information Officer, March 2009 - present