About Vikram Surya Chiruvolu

I am Vikram Surya Chiruvolu, a computer scientist, yoga teacher and graduate student at UDC in Counseling Psychology based in Washington, DC.  
This is my personal website, highlighting my love of science and spirituality in their various forms, and my blog posts and tweets -- which vary in topic widely from my own personal evolution, to politics, and science & technology.  All views here are my own, not those of any organization with which I may be affiliated.

Current Projects
Professional & Scholarly

Here are some pointers to my past affiliations and a recent CV.   



Sri Yoga, a tradition I have been initiated into by my teacher Darin Para Somma.

AmmaDC, the local satsang of the living saint, Amma.  Great short video about Amma here. She says "My religion is love", and hugs everyone who takes Her darshan.  Jai Ma!

A blog dedicated to my grand-uncle Dr. Surya Narayana Chiruvolu (N.C. Surya), who was one of India's earliest Western-trained psychiatric doctors, but who then spent the last 20+ years of his life at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, in service to the Mother and the mahatma himself. While there, he wrote a wise, witty collection of essays entitled Aham: Personal Autonomy, many of which appear on the blog site in some form.  He also wrote an existential philosophical novel entitled The Being and Becoming. His example has been so instrumental in the development of my personality and character that I took his name as my middle name in my mid 20s. 

Insight Meditation Community of Washington.  A treasure trove of warm, wise, funny dharma talks by Tara Brach on applying insight meditation is available on IMCW's website, and I can highly recommend them if you're seeking free help to apply meditative practice to your life.

The Amara Legal Center, focusing on providing much-needed legal services and advocacy for US victims of sex trafficking.

Dupont Circle Club, a DC clubhouse providing meeting space for self-help groups where I served on the Board.

The Valley Vista, my condo building, where I served on the Board.  I'm very interested in helping to make it one of the greenest buildings in the country.

WABA, the Washington Area Bicyclists Association, a great org for anyone committed to biking in DC.

Politics & Advocacy

I am also a member of these groups:  NCADD-NJ, the National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependence through their very active NJ branch, as well as the DC Recovery Community Alliance. I believe strongly that no one need ever die from active addiction--we have intervention and recovery methods that work, and we have research rapidly advancing our scientific understanding. Addiction is a disease, and we are all responsible, as a society, for supporting people in recovering from it.  That begins with changing our own attitudes and ideas around it.

I also am a deep believer in Science & Technology for Peace. When 2 billion people on the planet may never drink a clean cup of water in their lives, the United States commits a grave error to invest $1 trillion annually for warfare and defense, but scant dollars on encouraging its scientists and engineers to address the needs of those who don't have the basic life conditions to participate in the global economy. I hope for various technical, social, and economic development efforts to ally under the heading of a Peace-Innovation Community, as counterpoint to the Military-Industrial Complex.  I have nothing against national defense whatever -- it is necessary. I just believe our need for it has to be balanced with the needs of the world for basic life security.  

I collect Kalamkari paintings and metal and wood sculptures of Indian origin. I just love them.
TennisDC, a great way to connect to tennis players in DC.  I also created a Google map of courts in Northwest.
Kirtanorama, for keeping current on devotional chant and yoga events on the East Coast. 
DCKirtan, for keeping up on DC region kirtan. 
My grandmother, father's mother, wrote a great cookbook of Andhra food, prepared with her 80+ years of personal culinary wisdom.

My family is so terrific -- there's my Mom, who has worked for the US Army since '86, and has been our rock through some tough times. And my brother Pramode, who at 23 already had a biomedical device startup under his belt; he graduated from the Hopkins BME program in May of '08,  USD 
Law School in May of '13, and just started as an associate at Skadden's Palo Alto Intellectual Property practice.  My late father Arun Kumar Chiruvolu was a great man, a chemist by profession and a yogi at heart, and my first and best example of warmth, joy, strength and sweetness of spirit I try to live up to each day. 

I'm open -- anyone may contact me. 
Twitter: @vikramsurya
Phone/SMS: 202-250-1230
Postal: 2032 Belmont Rd NW #312, Washington, DC 20009